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Mitinet MARC Record Database Cleanup Services

Whether you want to do simple database maintenance, or ease a data conversion or union migration, Mitinet offers clean, content-rich data for your library - without losing sight of the importance of every record, field, subfield, space and dash - and we deliver results according to your timetable, guaranteed.

A clean, error free database means you'll spend less time looking for materials for your patrons and your materials will spend more time in the hands of readers, improving the value of your entire collection automatically.

We recommend a Cleanup Service if you...

  • Have never had your database cleaned before
  • Are planning to go to a Union Catalog
  • Are planning to merge multiple databases into one
  • Are planning to convert your database to RDA
  • Need to make complex updates to specific fields

Get the most for your money

In addition to our excellent product and support, all Mitinet Cleanup Services now include a subscription to BestMARC™, our state-of-the-art online database management platform. Once you've got a clean database, keep it that way with BestMARC™. No one else offers this kind of support for a database cleanup.

Please note - Mitinet Library Services will significantly increase the amount and quality of the metadata in your MARC records, but no cleanup service can add information to a MARC record that has never been cataloged before.


Find Out More About Mitinet's MARC Record Database Cleanup Services

We have two types of cleanup service, to suit your specific needs.

Essential Cleanup

Eliminate the typical problems associated with MARC records and give your collection a fresh start. You choose as many or as few types of updates as you need from our list of options.

  1. First we run a brief to full conversion on your entire database, adding important fields like these:
    • ISBNs
    • Subject Headings
    • Summary Notes
    • Publisher Information
    • Tables of Contents
  2. Next we match and enhance bibliographic records with desired additional metadata, such as reading program information.
  3. Finally, we merge and run our de-duplication process on the full catalog, retaining the best records and attaching the correct holdings to each record.

Turnaround time is fast, two to three business days for most customers.

Custom Cleanup

If you have never had your MARC record database cleaned or you have special requests, the Custom Cleanup service is for you. A Custom Cleanup includes everything in the Basic Cleanup PLUS:

  • Record Standardization including...
    • Standardizing call number prefixes
    • Truncating Dewey numbers so that they're consistent
    • Choosing the character length and capitalization of the cutters
    • Adding standardized pricing to holdings information
  • Custom database management requests - Not sure what you need? Just ask us and we'll let you know if it can be done.
  • Personalized Service - Our data services team works with you to make sure that your database is just how you want it.


Contact us to talk about cleaning up your database today.

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