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Download and Install MARC Magician 2011

We've updated MARC Magician Professional 2011. Installation instructions differ depending on whether or not there are existing records in your database. Please choose the option that applies to you.


Option 1: New Installation

Use this option if you don't currently have MARC Magician installed on your computer. Use the button below to download MARC Magician and follow the installation instructions.


Option 2: Update Without Records in the Program

If there are no records in the existing installation of MARC Magician, use the button below to download MARC Magician and follow the installation instructions.


Option 3: Update With Records in the Program

To complete this update, you must first remove all records from MARC Magician by following the instructions below. Once the program is installed, bring the previously exported records back in using the Import Records command in MARC Magician.

Please note: Perform these steps using the Master List. Removing records from the Master List also removes them from custom lists.

To remove all records from MARC Magician:

  1. Under SELECT choose All Records.
  2. Under FILE choose Export Records.
  3. Name the file, choose the location to save it and then click on Export.
  4. Under RECORD choose Delete from All Lists.
  5. Under LIST choose Empty Weeding Truck.
  6. Close MARC Magician.
  7. Now you can download MARC Magician Professional 2011 Rev. A, using the button below.


ALL OPTIONS: Downloading & Installing MARC Magician Professional 2011, Rev. A


Download MARC Magician Professional 2011 Rev. A


Most browsers automatically download files to a default location on your computer. Here are the default locations based on your operating system version:

  • Windows 7/8: C:\Users\<username>\Downloads
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Downloads

Some older versions of Internet Explorer ask where you want to download the file. Please note the saved location of your file. You will need it for the next step.

Go to the saved MARC Magician file and double-click either MARCMagician2011Install-RevA or MARCMagician2011Install-RevA.exe.

When the MARC Magician Professional 2011 - InstallShield Wizard window appears, follow the instructions to complete the installation.


Please contact Technical Support if you have any problems with your download. The "Getting Started With MARC Magician Manual" includes tutorials on some MARC Magician features.


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