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MARC Magician Product Updates

MARC Magician Professional 2011 (Rev A) - v4.0.2

  • Improved handling of control fields for E-Materials

MARC Magician Professional 2011 - v4.0.1

  • Improved handling of control fields for E-book and Streaming Video templates

MARC Magician Professional 2011 - v4.0.0

  • Current with all MARC 21 updates (through Update 12 from October 2010)
  • Videorecording now supports the full array of media including Blu-ray and DVD
  • Added new templates for electronic media
    • E-books
    • Videorecording - streaming (Streaming Video)
    • Videorecording - streaming (Streaming Audio)
  • Added support for OCLC specific values in Leader/17 (ELvl Encoding Level)
  • Added RDA support
    • MARC Magician includes the RDA-specific fields and subfields that are incorporated in the MARC Updates (through Update 12)
  • Improved material type handling on import
    • MARC Magician Professional now deduces the material type of an imported record better than ever before. In addition to looking at control fields, MARC Magician Professional 2011 uses values in the bibliographic record (GMD, Physical Description, and specific notes) to determine the material type and puts the record into the proper template.
  • Updated to support the latest ISBD punctuation in fields 800 and 245$n
  • Improved handling of publication dates in brackets (e.g., [2008])
  • New full user control of GMD
    • In addition to the option to have MARC Magician Professional set your GMD automatically, you can now choose to set your GMD yourself.
  • Updated so invalid Leader/06 and Leader/07 are corrected
  • Updated so 440 field is now marked as obsolete
  • Fixed bug in Global Editing so double-slashes are now allowed in a URL (e.g.,
  • Fixed bug preventing 020 from being added to some Custom Templates
  • Fixed bug preventing a specific spell-checking from being saved
  • New installation supports the latest Windows operating systems including Windows 7

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