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Use MARC Wizard™ software on your PC to create, edit and update your AACR2 MARC records.

MARC Wizard™ Features include:

  • On-screen step by step instructions
  • Start and stop at any point, resuming without any data loss
  • Review, edit and fine-tune records before bringing them back into your database


MARC Wizard™ Program Descriptions

MARC Mechanic Express™

Simplify the difficult task of cleaning up your library's database. Correct structural errors, standardize call number information, update subject headings, add award notes and reading program information all in one data service run. Set the options you want, control the records to be checked and then upload it for a full library database cleanup. Typical turn around time is 24-48 hours.

See some MARC Mechanic Express features here.


Magic REcon™

Replace substandard, brief or incomplete MARC records with top-quality content-rich records. Dramatically increase your circulation rates by filling in bare bones records, making them more discoverable. Update records containing as little as a title, merging them with complete records while keeping your holdings, local fields and other customized information intact. Typical turn around times are 24-48 hours or less.


Download as PDF


MARC Firewall™

Protect your library database by screening MARC records originating from an external source. Use MARC Firewall™ to automatically update critical fields like subject headings and to find problems with incoming records, such as code errors or poor quality records. Once you've created your preferences, save them and apply to all incoming records, making importing new records that much easier. Typical turn around time is less than an hour.


Download as PDF



MARC Match™

Adds, removes and verifies reading program information and measurements, eliminating common problems and inefficiencies caused by missing or mismatched data. Our records are manually reviewed by library specialists to insure optimum matching accuracy and we have the highest accuracy rating in the industry.

Depending on your needs run either "ARMatch" or "Lexile Match"  as often as you like. We notify you by email when your new, upgraded database is available. Most runs are completed within 24 hours.

These reading programs are currently updated through MARC Match:

  • Lexile Match for Lexile®
  • AR Match for Accelerated Reader™

See some MARC Match™ features here.


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