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You won't find this service at this price anywhere else and our service is comprehensive and FAST.

Volume discounts are available for large districts or consortiums.

Mitinet's RDA Conversion Service™ helps you update your database to RDA compliant terminology all at once. You don't have to do it yourself or pay record by record to have it done elsewhere.

Why Should You Convert to RDA?

It's true that RDA conversion isn't for everyone, but here are a few reasons you might want to convert.

  • Your district or consortium is converting and you need to bring your database up to speed, the sooner the better!
  • You want to make the items in your collection easier for your patrons to find. RDA is better for the end user since there's more information written in plain language.
  • You want to clean up the variety of abbreviations and formatting and make everything consistent. No more Latin abbreviations or inconsistent date formats.
  • You want to increase access points for your collection. More access points equal more discoverability, increasing collection circulation and minimizing wasted materials.

RDA Conversion Features

  • Automatically convert Publishers, Distributors, Manufacturers and Copyright notices from 260 to appropriate 264s
  • Automatic 336-338 updates
  • Nearly 100 terms expanded to the new RDA standard terminology - For example, "p." to "pages" or "ill." to "illustrations"
  • Corporate name abbreviations expanded - For example, "Corp." to "Corporation"
  • Month and year terminology expanded - For example "Jan." to "January" or "cent." to "century".
  • Birth and death date formatting converted - For example "1979." becomes "1979-" or "b. 1979 d. 2014" becomes "1979-2014".
  • Consistent handling of unnumbered pages, leaves and plates


Contact us TODAY and make your database RDA compliant for the best price in the market.

PLUS - A 1-Year subscription to BestMARC™ is now included in our service, making it even easier to keep your database compliant in the future.


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