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Reading Program Data Services

When it comes to getting kids to read, nothing matters more than getting the right book in their hands.

You know how important it is to help students find the materials that challenge their skills and help them become better readers. What you may not know is how many items you have in your collection, right now, that could be part of your school's chosen reading program, but aren't because they're missing that reading program data.

Regularly updating your database to include information on text complexity helps you:

  • Add items already in your collection to your chosen reading program
  • Expand the number of items available for teachers to easily find and incorporate into their curriculum plans
  • Help kids find more options to meet their reading and literacy goals
  • Keep up with ever-changing reading program data


We only change data for the reading programs you request, and we only remove the data you ask us to, on your schedule. Reading program updates happen quickly. You can expect an e-mail notification of your new, upgraded database within 2 to 3 days after you upload. Most updates are available within 24 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: In June 2017, MetaMetrics® revised their scale for early-reading books.

Previously defined as BR, the Lexile® measure for Beginning Reading materials now includes more detail on text complexity with the addition of a numeric measure to the BR. The higher the number, the less complex the text.

Mitinet™ is prepared to assist our customers with this change in two ways.

  • First we have built in to BestMARC™, our MARC database management platform, the ability to recognize and assign the new measures, when they are available
  • Second, we are working with MetaMetrics® to assure that as soon as the new measures are available we will update our own data to reflect the new measures

If you are currently a Mitinet™ customer receiving The Lexile® Framework for Reading program updates, or you become one, you are automatically assured of receiving the newest Lexile® measures with your next update for all applicable materials in your collection, as soon as they become available.

Do I Need a Reading Program Update?

Mitinet™ uses sophisticated data matching methods and data improvement options to update your library's MARC record database with the most up-to-date Lexile® measures and other reading program information available. Our match accuracy and hit rate is the highest in the industry, eliminating common problems and inefficiencies caused by missing or mismatched data.

Chart Indicating Possible Reading Program Enhancements in a Database Diagnostic

If you aren't sure if you need updated reading program data or not, there's a simple way to find out. Mitinet offers a free database diagnostic to anyone interested in our services. You can see a sample HERE.

This chart is a sample of the possible reading program updates available for a real customer, with our Reading Program Updates service. Reading Program Updates are available as part of Full Circle Support, and both the Essential Cleanup and the Complete Cleanup as well as being stand-alone services.

The blue indicates the number of records with that particular reading program metadata currently in the MARC records database. The green indicates the number of records that would have reading program metadata added with our service. This is fairly typical for a library who has never used our service before.

More Information about Reading Program Updates and Mitinet™ Measures, a Lexile® Measures Correlation

The Reading Programs Mitinet Supports

The Lexile® Framework for Reading:

In the book industry 17% of all ISBN’s are known to be incorrect. Some vendors rely only on the ISBN number to match Lexile® measures, increasing the number of incorrect or missed matches. Mitinet™ uses a much more detailed, accurate matching process, resulting in substantially more materials in your Lexile®-based program. Mitinet™ MARC records help a child gets the book that actually matches their reading skills, rather than one that’s either too simple or too complex.

Mitinet™ Measures

Not all books have a certified Lexile® measure. We developed Mitinet Measures™ as a solution for books that don’t have a certified Lexile® measure. Using proprietary formulas, Mitinet™ combines available data and arrives at a correlation comparable to a Lexile® measure. While no correlation is perfect, Mitinet Measures™ comes within 50 points (+ or -) of the potential Lexile® measure, 92% of the time, making it that much easier to enhance MARC records with searchable information about a book's text complexity. Once a book has a Lexile® measure, we automatically assign it to the MARC record. Using the combination of our Lexile® measures and Mitinet Measures™ matching can almost double the hit rate in a K-12 library database.

Fountas & Pinnell®:

  • Match materials associated with F&P Guided Reading Levels®
  • Add missing or fix incorrect F&P® GRL information
  • F&P® data can be difficult to match, due to match data content limits and omissions found in F&P® data. Our first mission in data match services is accuracy. You should expect lower hit rates than in our other respective data match services when purchasing this service.

Accelerated Reader®:

Use our Reading Program Data Services to accurately match your library's MARC record database to AR® reading levels and tests, fixing errors and adding information to MARC records that are missing reading program information.

  • Match all materials associated with AR® reading levels
  • Fix incorrect AR® information
  • Add missing AR® information for the tests that you own for stand-alone users

Reading Counts!®:

Accurately match your library's MARC record database to the RC!® reading levels.

Your students and teachers will start to see the difference immediately.

Reading Programs Services Brochure


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