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Exporting from BestMARC


When you are finished working with your MARC records inside BestMARC, use the Export tab to get your records out. Once you export your records, they will be removed from the My Records grid. Then follow the instructions for getting your records into your Library Automation System depending on if your records are brand new or already existing in your database.



  1. Click the Export tab if it is not already selected, or select File > Export to file from the menu on the My Records tab.

  2. Enter a description for this group of records. Your records will be listed with this name in the Download Center when you are finished.

  3. By default, BestMARC exports all the records in the My Records grid. To export a subset of records, select the records you'd like to export and check the Export only selected records box. Only those selected records will be exported and removed from the grid.

  4. Click the Export Records button

  5. The records will be removed from My records and show up in the Download Center

Download Center

Click the Download Center link in the orange navigation bar at the top of the screen or select View > Download Center from the grid's menu.

Download Center

The page displays the records you have exported, the description you entered, along with the date and time and person who exported them. Schools set up in the same district share a download center, so all users see all the exports.

Click the Download button next to an item to download it. The indicates a file has never been downloaded before.

Check the box to the right of each download to select it. Click Delete Checked to delete all the checked downloads. Click Download Checked to download all the files that were checked.

Most browsers will automatically download files to a default location on your computer. Here are the default locations based on your operating system version:

  • Windows 7 and later: C:\Users\<username>\Downloads
  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Downloads
  • Mac: /Users/username/Downloads

Some older versions of Internet Explorer will prompt you and ask where you want to download the file. Please note the location where you save the file to.

Load Records into your Automation System

Note the location of the downloaded files and use the appropriate Instructions for the type of records you are importing. Choose either Import new records into my LAS or Update existing records into my LAS.

Library systems have different procedures for adding new records and updating existing records. Make sure that you follow the correct instructions for adding new records or updating existing records that are already in your system.

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