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Importing into BestMARC


A file of MARC records can be imported into BestMARC in order to browse, find errors, search, and enhance them.

Files to Import

Typically there are two kinds of files: a file of records that has never been in your automation system before, and a file of records that was already in your system that you want to update. You can use BestMARC to manage both kinds, however the process of putting the records back into your library automation system may vary depending on if the records are new or already in the system.

New Records

New records are records that have never been in your library automation system before. These are typically vendor records or records you've found online or using other software. You will typically already have a MARC file or several MARC files depending on your source.

Existing Records

If you have records that are already your library automation system and would like to update, follow our Instructions to export your file from you automation system. Choose Export records from my LAS and follow the instructions.

Please be aware that BestMARC allows you to store 500 records in it at a time, so check your library automation system's documentation to see how you can export groups of records to work on instead of your entire catalog.



  1. Click the Import tab if it is not already selected, or select File > Import MARC file from the menu on the My Records tab.

  2. If you have purchased the RDA Maintenance subscription, check the Automatically convert to RDA box to perform a conversion on import if the records need it. Otherwise this will be disabled.

  3. Click the Upload file... button

  4. Browse your computer for the file of records you'd like to import and select it. You can select multiple files by holding down the Ctrl key on your computer. Only MARC files are allowed. Then click Open.

  5. The selected files will be automatically uploaded to the BestMARC servers.

    • If there were any errors, a message is displayed. Fix the problem and try again.
    • A progress bar will be shown during uploading:


    • Once the file has been uploaded, the message changes to "Loading":


      The file is now being processed and loaded into the My records grid. This could take some time, especially if you have the RDA conversion option turned on.

  6. After the upload has finished, the message changes to "complete" and the My records grid is reloaded, displaying your records.


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