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Defaults and Record Templates


By default, BestMARC shows the most common fields and subfields based on a record's Material Type (i.e. Book, E-Book, Videorecording, etc). These are called the record's Standard Default fields/subfields. Often libraries have specific fields and subfields that they want filled out every time a MARC record is created. You can configure BestMARC to customize the list of Default fields/subfields for each of the Material Types.

When cataloging a series of books, many books that have similar information, or specialized rules that must be in every record, it is useful to start cataloging with a record that contains all the information you like. BestMARC lets you duplicate existing records to start off with pre-existing data and save cataloging time. You can create your own MARCs as starting templates and duplicate those to always start with the data you want in all of your records, customizing just the individual fields specific to each record.

Default Fields/Subfields

Default fields and subfields are the ones that show automatically based on the type of record you are looking at. For instance, Videorecording records always show the Video Characteristics (346) field and Video Format ($a) subfield by default but we don't show it for Book types.

You can customize the field and subfield defaults for each Material Type like this:

  1. Open a record with the Material Type you'd like to customize. The Material Type is displayed in the menu. Menubar
  2. Add and remove fields and subfields in the cataloger to match your desired specifications. Add multiple fields and subfields if you want repeating fields to show up. For instance if you always want five 650 fields to show, add five 650s to the record.

  3. Under the material type menu, choose Default fields/subfields and then Save from this record. Any future record with this material type will now display every field and subfield displayed in this record.

    Default fields/subfields menu

Keep in mind that these are defaults. The cataloger will always show all fields and subfields that have data in them.

To restore the standard Mitinet defaults, choose Restore standard defaults from the Material Type's Default fields/subfields menu.

Duplicate a Record

If you are creating several records with similar information, such as many records in the same series, you can create a copy of a record you've already cataloged and modify it to catalog your new record.

  1. Catalog your first record so it is in the grid.

  2. Right-click a row and select Duplicate from the menu that pops up or select Records > Duplicate from the grid's menu.

    Context menu

  3. A duplicate copy of the record will open in the cataloger. Make the changes needed for your next record. Changes will not affect the original record.

    Duplicate copy

  4. Click Save. The new record will now show in your My Records list.

    New Saved records

Working with template records

Using the Duplicate Record functionality, you can create a set of record templates that contain fields and subfields with default data that you can change for each copy.

These templates can be saved to a MARC file which can then be loaded into BestMARC to create new records from, or shared with your colleagues for standardization.

Creating template records

Catalog a new MARC record, containing all the default data you want for your template. Make sure to name your template in the Title (245 $a) field.

Save your record. It appears in the My Records grid:

Saved Template

Saving template records to a file

After creating your templates, we recommend exporting your records and saving them as MARC files so you can import and export them into BestMARC whenever you need them.

  1. Select each of the template records you'd like to save. You can select multiple records by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking.

    Depending on your preference, you may wish to save all your templates in a single file or a single record per file so you can choose which templates to import.

  2. Click the Export tab at the top of the page or select File > Export to file from the grid's menu.


  3. Make sure the Export only selected records box is checked

  4. Enter a description for the templates you've selected. If you are exporting all the templates, just call it "Template records".

  5. Click Export records. The records will be removed from the My Records grid.

  6. The file is now ready for download on the Downloads tab. Click the Download button to download the MARC file to your computer. It is named based on the Description you gave it earlier.


Loading a template record from a file

If you'd like to use a template record and it isn't already loaded into BestMARC, you can load it from the template record file you created.

  1. Click the Import tab at the top of the page.


  2. Click the Select Files... button, browse your computer for the file of template records you'd like to import, then click Start Upload.

  3. Your template records have been loaded into the My Records grid.

    Saved Template

Creating a MARC from a template record

  1. Right-click the template record and choose Duplicate.

    My records menu

  2. A duplicate copy of the record will open in the cataloger. Catalog your record, making sure to change the title to the actual title of your item. The template record will not be affected.

    Duplicate copy

  3. Click Save. The new record will now show in the My Records grid.

  4. When you are finished creating records, make sure to follow the Exporting with templates instructions to make sure you don't export the Template records.

Exporting with templates

When doing an export of records inside of BestMARC, make sure that you don't also export your template records. You have two options:

  1. Delete all your template records before exporting. Then import them when you need to use them next.
  2. Select just the records you want to export and choose Export only selected records, making sure not to select the template records.

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