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So we've gathered together everything you might need to get started using Mitinet products. On this page there are links to product pages with download instructions, manuals and tutorials, and product brochures. We've also linked to our FAQ page, where you can find answers to your product specific installation questions.

If you're not sure where to start, you may want to read more about our Free Database Diagnostic Report or Full Circle Support, both services designed to help busy librarians fix database problems quickly and easily.


Support Documents

The more you know about what we can do to improve your library services and minimize your daily workload, the better we can help you. Most of our services have valuable tips and examples built right in, to help you create the best MARC records possible. We've also created some online documentation and tutorials to help you get starting with our downloadable software tools.

Mitinet Support Documentation

Find general documentation about Mitinet and our products, as well as links to online informational slideshows.

BestMARC Support Documentation

Go to BestMARC's online Support Center for links to online informational slideshows and corresponding downloadable PDFs.

MARC Wizard Support Documentation

Support documents and tutorials for MARC Wizard software are located on the MARC Wizard product page.

You can also find screen shots and descriptions of the programs and a link to download your programs.

MARC Magician Support Documents

Support documents for MARC Magician software are located on the MARC Magician product page.

There you'll find a Getting Started Manual, Tutorials for MARC Magician's most popular features and a link to the latest product updates.

You can also find a link to download MARC Magician to your computer.

A Few More Helpful Things

Sometimes you just need a little information. Here are a few ways to keep in touch or learn more about our products.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to many of your product or software installation questions here, specifically regarding MARC Magician and MARC Wizard software installation.

Find out more here.

Full Circle Support

Fast becoming our most popular service, with Full Circle Support you don't ever need to spend time updating or fixing your database again. Anything you can do with our products, we can do for you, at a fraction of the cost in both time and money.

Find out more here.

FREE Database Diagnostic Report

Knowing what needs to be fixed is the first step to creating a vibrant, content-rich database. We understand that and we can help. Give us your database to analyze and we can help you find out what needs to be done to make it more accurate,
up-to-date and exactly what you need.

Find out more here.



When you need to talk to someone.

We believe that person to person contact is the best method for handling thorny issues quickly and easily. With Mitinet, you have our in-house support staff ready to help you make the most of your Mitinet subscription or software. We won't give up until you have the answers you need.

When applicable, please have your user ID ready when you contact us.

Customer Service

Questions about product subscriptions, subscription renewal and user ID/Password issues are handled by our Customer Service Department.

Please have your user ID available, if possible.

Technical Support

For technical issues, contact our Technical Support Department. The more detailed information you can provide, the faster we can respond with help.

Please have your user ID available, if possible.

This message is for Customer Service.

If you have a User ID please enter it in the notes field.

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