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MARC Magician Support Center

Scroll down to find slideshows on various aspects of using MARC Magician Pro, from using the Help and Auto Correct Features, importing and creating records to a review of MARC Magician's powerful Global Editing features.

How-To Slideshows

Use these online tutorials to review MARC Magician's key features. View the tutorial as often as you like, or print the PDF for reference.

How To: Overview

This slideshow reviews the functions and features of Mitinet's MARC Magician Pro.

How To: Help Features & Auto Error Correct

This slideshow reviews MARC Magician Pro's built-in cataloging help and error correction features.

How To: Import Records

This slideshow reviews how to import your library catalog database into MARC Magician Pro, in order to update or edit your MARC records.

How To: Create Records

This slideshow reviews how to create new records in MARC Magician Pro.

How To: Select Records and Create Lists

This slideshow reviews how to select specific records and create lists for record review and/or editing in MARC Magician Pro.

How To: Global Editing

This slideshow reviews the powerful Global Editing tools available in MARC Magician Pro.

Supporting Documentation

Getting Started Manual (PDF)

Download the MARC Magician Getting Started Manual as a PDF Document.

Contains instructions for downloading and installing MARC Magician Professional as well as a brief overview of all its functions.

System Requirements

See a list of the minimum system requirements you'll need to run MARC Magician Professional on your PC.

Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page for questions and answers to some of the most common questions.

Contact Technical Support

For technical issues, contact our Technical Support Department. The more detailed information you can give us, the faster we can help.

Please have your user ID available, if possible.

Webinar Signup

We offer free, customized webinars, to show you what our products do and how to use them. Use our webinars to help with the purchase justification process, or to make training and updating staff on your new cataloging software or services simple.

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